Tournament – 


The Location we use for the Workshops and the tournament has the following address.


Albert-Oetker-Straße 100

47877 Willich

… we do have two halls – The local gym hall of the school.

Parking is possible on the relatively big parking place in front of the school. 

There is always enough space for sparring or the workshops.  

where to sleep?

It is possible to stay in a gym hall overnight. Sadly this is not the same hall as the workshops and tournaments are in, but it is close to less than 1km walking distance from the Tournament. 

The address is: 

Förderzentrum Ost (only known as „Pestalozzi-Schule“ )

Jahnstraße 3

47877 Willich

Parking is also possible but not unlimited. 


… But I´m coming by train!

In that case, please come to  

 S-Bahn stop KAARSTER SEE 

41564 Kaarst

Quite easy to reach from the Düsseldorf Main train station


… we will arrange a bus transfer from there. it will start 4 times from there. More details will follow.