The Tournament!


We will run a swiss-style tournament here, meaning that there will be no elimination round and everyone fights a bunch of fights (depending on number of participants probably 5-7 in total) against different opponents.

The idea is to have bouts going to a limited number of exchanges (very likely 7) and have those exchanges short and decisive. Scoring will be based on a system which gives you much more points if you score without afterblows and punishes you for getting hit – it will be kind of experimental, still in experimentation what could work.

Bring your own gear and sword!

The usual gear requirements apply (no Lacrosse/RD gloves allowed, hard knee/elbows, shin guards, padded fencing jacket, gorget, suitable fencing mask). Sword specs approximately as the DDHF (max. 140cm total length, 105cm blade, 1.3-1.8kg, needs to bend safely, no bends, no sharp edges/corners, rolled or widened tip).

Programm and rough Timetable

09:00  – 13:00 Arrival, Workshops and Sparring
14:00 the Tournament

09:00 till aprox. 16:00 workshops until end
Also Sunday:
Youth Tournament – small Kids Tournament (on invitation)

We always have a second hall free for sparring

Stay the night?

Sleeping: It is possible to stay in a hall overnight. Sadly this is not the same hall as the workshops and tournaments are in, but it is close to (less than 1km walking distance).

Price, things included, and signup:
Price is 50,00 € in total.

Included are workshops, sleeping in the hall for two nights (Friday – Sunday), food and non-alcoholic drinks provided during the day, but not dinner on Saturday evening.


Please see that we can only accept a number of 32 Fighters over all – due to organisation structure! 

Workshops are not limited – we do have plenty of space. Thank you for your understanding.